Flos lighting is the perfect mix of aesthetics, innovation and quality. Evergreen style icons that have marked the history of the Italian design with well-known lamps like Flos Parentesi, Flos Arco floor lamp, the Flos pendant lights Skygarden and other unique creations. You can find below the whole range of Flos lamps and chandeliers.

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Flos, icons of the Made in Italy Design

Flos is a successful reality in the world of the Made in Italy design. Flos lighting uses light to express new ideas and light up unexplored emotions. Over the years the intuitions of the great masters have led the company to the creations of historic icons, formal synthesis of poetics and functionality. From these collaborations, products for design lighting have been brought to life and they are now part of permanent collections for many design museums in the world. Flos lighting adopts revolutionary materials and innovative processes, always respecting the environment. More than other companies, the genius of great masters has managed to combine art with design and craftsmanship with industry.

Flos Lighting: Design Lamps and Masters

The story of the company intertwines with that of Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, design masters and authors of real contemporary icons. Among these ones we can mention:

  • Flos Arco or Flos Toio floor lamp 
  • Taraxacum pendant light
  • Flos Taccia table lamp
  • Frisbi and Splugen pendant light
  • Flos Parentesi lamp

Products with remarkable aesthetic and emotional value are also the Flos Archimoon and Ktribe lamps, designed by Philippe Starck, the Flos Skygarden and Zeppelin pendant lights, designed by Marcel Wanders.
Flos lighting combines refined and ironic shapes with innovative materials and unconventional materials, giving birth to product families that have variants for each typology: pendant, ceiling and wall lights. But also Flos table lamps, floor lamps, recessed lights or spots.

Flos Soft-Architecture

Halfway between the product scale and that of the space, the lamps Flos Architecture are the perfect unions between materials and technology. The Soft-Architecture collection blends architecture with creative solutions, combining environmentally friendly materials with renewable energy sources with LED technology. The lamps belonging to the Soft Architecture collection, like the Spun wall light, embrace in one single product a harmonious mixing of light, architecture and nature.

Flos Professional and Outdoor

The Professional Collection includes highly technical products that are the result of consideration on nature and light quality. They are avant-garde technologies that can guarantee a good chromatic performance, the right light intensity and a colour shade suiting every kind of space.
Flos Outdoor is the collection of outdoor lighting designed by great design masters. These technically perfect lamps are the fusion of style and functionality. The ideal solution to light up gardens, verandas or exteriors, harmoniously combined with the suggestive atmospheres created by the natural light.